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Deployment base

We use custom manifest, which creates zones and records:

((main_domain)): |+
  $TTL 1h
  $ORIGIN ((main_domain)).
  @ IN SOA ((main_domain)). root.((main_domain)). (
             2015082505  ; serial
             15m         ; slaves should check back with us every 15min
             20          ; slaves should retry (on failure) after 20sec
             4h          ; slaves stop being authoritative after 4hr without updates
             1h          ; other NSes should cache our results for 1h
             IN NS ns1.((main_domain)).
  ns1        IN A  ((public_dns_ip))     IN ((cf_ssh_lb_ip))
  *.cf       IN ((cf_router_lb_ip))
  *.k8s      IN ((k8s_lb_ip))
  jumpbox    IN A  ((jumpbox_ip))

Deployment version


Configured operations files

Priority Ops name Description
100 cb-dns-deployment/ops/env-properties.yml Configure zones and records