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Openstack specific

  • os_username - Openstack username (opscontrol_var: "os_username")
  • os_password - Openstack password (opscontrol_var: "os_password")
  • os_project_name - Openstack project name (opscontrol_var: "os_project_name")
  • os_tenant_name - Openstack tenant name (opscontrol_var: "os_tenant_name")
  • os_tenant_id - Openstack tenant id (opscontrol_var: "os_tenant_id")
  • os_auth_url - Openstack auth URL (opscontrol_var: "os_auth_url")
  • os_project_domain_name - Openstack project domain name (opscontrol_var: "os_project_domain_name")
  • os_user_domain_name - Openstack user domain (opscontrol_var: "os_user_domain_name")
  • os_region_name - Openstack region (opscontrol_var: "os_region")
  • os_auth_version - Openstack Keystone version (2 or 3, opscontrol_var: "os_auth_version")
  • os_temp_url_key - Swfit temp url for CF blobstore access (opscontrol_var: "os_temp_url_key")

  • bosh_flavor_name - BOSH instance flavor name (ex. "4C-4GB")

  • jumpbox_flavor_name - Jumpbox instance flavor name (ex. "2C-4GB")

  • jumpbox_image_name - Jumpbox image name (ex. "Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus")

  • external_router_id - OpsControl main router id (opscontrol_var: "router_id")

  • use_external_subnets - Flag that indicates whether we should use external subnets created by user or create our own (ex: "false")
  • ext_net_name - External network name (for internet gateway) (ex. "ext-net")


    "source_type": "package",
    "package_bucket": "cloudboostr-build-packages",
    "package_target_cloud": "openstack",
    "package_version": "latest",

    "pipelines": [
            "name": "deploy_env",
            "file": "ci/pipelines/openstack/deploy-pipeline.yml",
            "vars": []
            "name": "destroy_env",
            "file": "ci/pipelines/openstack/destroy-pipeline.yml",
            "vars": []
            "name": "backup_env",
            "file": "ci/pipelines/backup-pipeline.yml",
            "vars": [
                {"name": "timer_interval", "value": "24h"}
            "name": "restore_latest_bosh",
            "file": "ci/pipelines/restore-latest-pipeline.yml",
            "vars": []
            "name": "restore_custom_bosh",
            "file": "ci/pipelines/restore-custom-pipeline.yml",
            "vars": []

    "vars": [
        {"name": "os_username", "opscontrol_var": "os_username"},
        {"name": "os_password", "opscontrol_var": "os_password"},
        {"name": "os_project_name", "opscontrol_var": "os_project_name"},
        {"name": "os_tenant_name", "opscontrol_var": "os_tenant_name"},
        {"name": "os_tenant_id", "opscontrol_var": "os_tenant_id"},
        {"name": "os_auth_url", "opscontrol_var": "os_auth_url"},
        {"name": "os_project_domain_name", "opscontrol_var": "os_project_domain_name"},
        {"name": "os_user_domain_name", "opscontrol_var": "os_user_domain_name"},
        {"name": "os_region_name", "opscontrol_var": "os_region"},
        {"name": "os_auth_version", "opscontrol_var": "os_auth_version"},
        {"name": "os_temp_url_key", "opscontrol_var": "os_temp_url_key"},

        {"name": "opscontrol_dns_public_ip", "opscontrol_var": "dns_instance_public_ip"},
        {"name": "dns_instance_public_ip", "value": ""},
        {"name": "external_router_id", "opscontrol_var": "router_id"},
        {"name": "use_external_subnets", "value": "false"},

        {"name": "azs", "value": "[nova, nova, nova]"},
        {"name": "ext_net_name", "value": "ext-net"},
        {"name": "env_base_domain", "value": ""},

        {"name": "jumpbox_flavor_name", "value": "2C-4GB"},
        {"name": "jumpbox_image_name", "value": "Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus"},
        {"name": "jumpbox_whitelist", "value": "[]"},

        {"name": "bosh_flavor_name", "value": "4C-4GB"},

        {"name": "network_cidr", "value": ""},  

        {"name": "mgmt_subnet_cidr", "value": ""},
        {"name": "mgmt_gateway_ip", "value": ""},
        {"name": "mgmt_reserved_ips", "value": ""},

        {"name": "bosh_private_ip", "value": ""},

        {"name": "dmz_subnet_cidr", "value": ""},
        {"name": "dmz_gateway_ip", "value": ""},
        {"name": "dmz_reserved_ips", "value": ""},

        {"name": "jumpbox_private_ip", "value": ""},
        {"name": "cf_router_lb_private_ip", "value": ""},
        {"name": "cf_ssh_lb_private_ip", "value": ""},
        {"name": "k8s_lb_private_ip", "value": ""},

        {"name": "services_subnet_cidr", "value": ""},
        {"name": "services_gateway_ip", "value": ""},
        {"name": "services_reserved_ips", "value": ""},

        {"name": "cf_subnet_cidr", "value": ""},
        {"name": "cf_gateway_ip", "value": ""},
        {"name": "cf_reserved_ips", "value": ""},

        {"name": "k8s_subnet_cidr", "value": ""},
        {"name": "k8s_gateway_ip", "value": ""},
        {"name": "k8s_reserved_ips", "value": ""},

        {"name": "git_private_key", "opscontrol_var": "git_private_key"},
        {"name": "jumpbox_public_key", "opscontrol_var": "jumpbox_public_key"},
        {"name": "jumpbox_private_key", "opscontrol_var": "jumpbox_private_key"},
        {"name": "bosh_private_key", "opscontrol_var": "bosh_private_key"},
        {"name": "bosh_public_key", "opscontrol_var": "bosh_public_key"}